48 hours in Dolomiti Paganella

48 hours in Dolomiti Paganella
Tuesday 14 July 2020

Do you feel it? The thrill that only a weekend in the mountains can bring you! This is how to pass a perfect 48 hours in the Paganella Dolomites




Discovering tortel | 19.30

Start getting to know the territory through one of the best loved local Trentino dishes: the potato tortel. Try them at the Albergo al Plaz in Fai della Paganella or at Malga Val dei Brenzi.


The natural amphitheatre | 21.30

Submerge yourself in the Fai della Paganella forests and enjoy nature right from the first step, even at night! Walk along the Sentiero dei Belvedere panoramic path: you can admire the lights of the Adige Valley and the mountains illuminated by starlight (don't forget your torch!).



In the heart of the Dolomites | 8.30

Have you ever been for a mountain hike on a World Heritage site? Reach the Rifugio Croz dell’Altissimo for a half day trip or continue up to the Rifugio Pedrotti. Before setting off back towards Molveno take a break in the hut and enjoy a traditional local meal.


Afternoon at the lake | 15.00

After lunch some people want to keep moving while others prefer to take a nap: in both cases the solution is Lake Molveno. Stretch out in the sun, hire a canoe, or hike around the lake.                                    


Aperitif ? | 18.30

We recommend the Bar Cinastic in Molveno. Here you can enjoy a selection of local wines and craft beers and cold cuts and cheeses.

In the streets of the old centre of Molveno there is an embarrassment of choice in restaurants. Keep your evening going trying the local salmerino fish at Filò, or head for the Botte for a tasty Saturday evening pizza.



Where eagles dare | 9.00

Experience the sensation of traversing the sky on the Ferrata delle Aquile! If you do not feel expert enough an Alpine Guide can accompany you, or simply walk along the equally panoramic Sentiero delle Aquile. The starting point is from the Cima Paganella summit.


Lunch in the Alpine meadows | 13.00

The Alpine farms are important components in mountain life. At Malga Fai Ivan and his family keep cows, goats, and pigs, they make cheese and they can welcome you with a wholesome 0 km menu!


One for the road | 15.30

Before you leave there is time for a last beer at the Tre3: while you enjoy the final rays of sunshine you can watch the antics of the bikers in the Bike Area. And who knows, perhaps you will be inspired to return to the Paganella Dolomites to try downhill riding!

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