5 ideas for a first of November long weekend in Dolomiti Paganella

5 ideas for a first of November long weekend in Dolomiti Paganella
Saturday 1 October 2022

Our suggestions for a pleasant escape from day-today routine with a long weekend to enjoy the final days of autumn through culinary adventures, forest walks, and dedicated wellness time.


#1 A final chairlift ride

The Molveno uplift facilities are open from 29 October to 1 November: the last chance for a trip to the Bike Park, a mountain hike, or lunch in a mountain hut before the winter season draws in.


#2 The ciuìga salami festival

Product tasting, themed dinners, craft markets, performances by musicians and folk culture groups: in San Lorenzo Dorsino the final weekend of October is dedicated to celebrating the ciuìga, a unique salami made from pork meat savoured with turnip, and a Slow Food presidium.


#3 Visit a wine cellar

Wander among grape vines, taste local wines, and do fun activities for all the family. The wine cellars and distilleries of the Piana Rotaliana are ready to reveal the processes, modern in method but antique in spirit, by which grapes are transformed into wine and grappa. Discover all the wine experiences.


#4 The silence of the forest

With the crisp fresh mountain air, autumn colours, and supreme atmosphere of peace, our mountain walks extend from the woods of Fai della Paganella all the way to the banks of Lake Molveno, winding along the slopes of the Brenta Dolomites. The Dolomiti Paganella mountain paths are ideal for anyone who wants to shake off the humdrum of office work. Explore our recommended routes.


#5 Four-star relaxation and wellness

Treat yourself to a weekend of care and attention at one of our spa hotels, at the AcquaIn spa&wellness centre or at the Dolomia Wellness centre. A Jacuzzi bath with a view over the snow-covered Dolomite mountains, white under the first winter snows, will clear your mind of all worries and concerns.

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