5 things to do in the Dolomiti Paganella in May

5 things to do in the Dolomiti Paganella in May
Thursday 6 May 2021

There are plenty of things to do in the Dolomiti Paganella in May and our staff have selected five outdoor activities to help you enjoy the delights of springtime while maintaining Covid safety.


#1 The mountains on two wheels

There is mountain biking for everyone in the Dolomiti Paganella. While awaiting the reopening of the Bike Park you can refine your technique at The Cave trail centre, or train up your legs on our numerous cross-country trails.


#2 Trentino at your feet

An excursion to the Croce di Fai is a big favourite among the local Fai residents: in the forests of Monte Fausior tranquillity reigns and it is not unusual to meet red deer and chamois. The view on arrival embraces the whole of the Adige Valley and the mountains of eastern Trentino.


#3 Recreation and relaxation at Lago di Molveno

Wandering along the lakeside, hiring a pedal boat, cycling around the lake path circuit, or just relaxing on a green lawn - whatever your favourite way of passing free time outdoors, Lago di Molveno has what you are looking for!


#4 A vertical challenge

Climbing can be enjoyed by everybody in Dolomiti Paganella. Our climbing cliffs are real open air gymnasiums among the Dolomite mountains, and if you have never climbed before our Alpine Guides will be happy to show you the ropes!


#5 A visit to the Wildlife Park

After months of closure of the Park and hibernation of the animals, the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park is reopening to visitors, providing an excellent opportunity for children to see the most famous Alpine animals up close, and for adults to learn about the important research and conservation work of the Park staff.

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