5 unusual experiences to try during your ski week in Dolomiti Paganella

5 unusual experiences to try during your ski week in Dolomiti Paganella
Monday 30 January 2023


#1 Prepare the ski runs

Learn why the Paganella Ski Area snowcat drivers are nicknamed the ‘heroes of the night’. They know every bend, dip, and stone on the Paganella and they can take you along to see what happens on the ski runs after all the skiers have packed up and gone. | Book online


#2 Ski under the stars

If your desire to ski never runs dry, in Dolomiti Paganella you can even ski at night!

Every Tuesday and Friday evening the Andalo Cross-Country Ski Area illuminates the ski track around the lake until 21:00 hours, while the Paganella Ski Area is open to the delight of downhill skiers, snowboarders, ski mountaineers, and non-skiers alike.

The Andalo - Doss Pelà cable-car is open from 19:30 to 22:30, with the possibility of descending the illuminated Cacciatori 1 ski run. Ski mountaineers can instead ascend the Olimpionica 1 run.

And if you would like to go up without skis, how about a high altitude dinner ? The Rifugio Dosson and Malga Terlaga will welcome you to savour traditional cooking and enjoy a drink in good company!

Useful Info. Cost of evening skipass € 20 - included in seasonal and multiday skipasses | Return ticket for non-skiers € 8.50 | Booking is required for Malga Terlaga and recommended for Rifugio Dosson.


#3 Enjoy a sunset aperitif at 2000 metres

Wine tasting, live music with DJ set, and plenty of good vibes, while waiting for the sun to set behind the Brenta Dolomites: Paganella Sunset is an exclusive experience that you can enjoy at the Rifugio La Roda, on Cima Paganella.

What makes the event especially exciting is the final descent on a snowcat down the closed ski runs and back to the village.| Sign up for our aperitif evening on 24 February or on 10 March.


#4 Hug a tree

Hug a tree in the Fai della Paganella Parco del Respiro and you will feel happy, according to science!

Does the idea sound a bit embarrassing? Not to worry, the trees will give you all the time you need to feel at ease!

Start by sitting down at the bottom of the tree with your back propped against the trunk, close your eyes, and take some slow deep breaths. You will start relaxing and entering into harmony with the forest. When you feel ready, put your hands on the bark, look at it carefully, smell its aromas, and when you have got to know each other you can let yourself go in an embrace.

Along the easy paths of the Parco del Respiro you will find certain trees marked out as more suitable than others for trying this exercise, these are European spruce and beech trees. | If you would like to learn more about Forest Therapy, go to parcodelrespiro.it.


#5 Night sledging

Fancy sledging at night? Every Thursday evening the Altopiano di Pradel Ski School and Ski Rental offer the chance for sledging under a starry sky!

And if you are still not convinced, note that the price includes the lift facilities, tea and mulled wine for everyone, as well as dinner at the hut ! | Find out more

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