8 not-to-be-missed events in Dolomiti Paganella in 2023

8 not-to-be-missed events in Dolomiti Paganella in 2023
Tuesday 10 January 2023

The start of a new year is a time for taking stock and making resolutions for the coming months, when we project new ideas into the future. This embraces all aspects of life including the most positive and enjoyable ones like travel and holidays!

To help you make plans for your next twelve months we decided to bring together some of the best Dolomiti Paganella events for 2023 in a single article. So….

if you have a New Year resolution to be more active in sports...


#1 Dolomiti Paganella Bike Opening | 27-29 May

Bikes, music, and lots of fun are the key words for the kick-off party of the Dolomiti Paganella Bike season.

During the day the mountain huts in the Bike Area will be welcoming riders with DJ sets, good food, bike tests, challenges, and activities, together with the leading brands in the biking world (including plenty of free gift items!).

After the lifts close, the Andalo base camp will be offering unforgettable après bike entertainment, with beer, live music, and lots of bikers in the mood to party.


#2 XTerra World Championship | 23-24 September

The main event in the most famous cross triathlon circuit in the world will be held on the shores of Lake Molveno for the second time. Champions from around the world will compete in sections of 1.5 km swimming, 32 km mountain biking with a height gain of 1000 metres, and 10 km running.

If you have a young athlete in the family they can take part in XTerra Kids, a mini duathlon (running/cycling/running) for youngsters from 6 to 19 years.

If you (understandably) prefer not to make so much effort, we will welcome you on the lake shore to cheer on the athletes, or you can contribute to the success of the event by working as a volunteer.

If you want to pass more time with your family in 2023


#3 Family Bike Derby | 9-11 June

Three days including pump-track sessions, guided tours, biking courses for all ages, pizza and pasta parties for adults and children, while exploring the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area trails and living new thrills together.


#4 Dolomiti Paganella Family Festival | Third week of June

The Family Festival is a special week for the whole family offering a full and varied program of experiences in nature and fun in the high mountains.

At the end of each day you are accommodated in the best Dolomiti Paganella family hotels, who offer special holiday discounts during the Family Festival week.

If you like sampling traditional local cooking on your travels


#5 Paganella del Gusto | September

During the month of September the best seasonal products from local farms are combined with the winegrowing excellence of our area in the restaurants of the Paganella Alpine plateau.

The chefs and winemakers work together applying all their skills and creativity to perfectly match the best dishes, wines, and spirits from the Piana Rotaliana Königsberg and bring you incredible multi-sensorial experiences.


#6 Sagra della Ciuiga | End of October

Product tasting, thematic dinners, craft markets, performances by music and folk groups, sale of locally harvested farm products: at the end of October San Lorenzo Dorsino celebrates the ciuìga, an unusual pork-based salami flavoured with turnip, and now a Slow Food presidium.

If you have promised to slow down your travels this year, and enhance your awareness


#7 Orme Festival dei Sentieri | 8-10 september

Orme is a nature walking festival celebrating the charm of the woods and footpaths that make Fai della Paganella so special.

In addition, for three days the woods will become a venue for meditation, acting, local product sampling, and live music. The aim of the event is to animate and create new emotions in the woods, meadows, and paths around the village, without disturbing the natural world. | festivalorme.it 


#8 Inclusive Climbing Festival | 7-8 October

The Falesia Dimenticata, or "Forgotten Crag", in San Lorenzo Dorsino was once on private land but has now been purchased for the public by the local climbing community. This was achieved through a crowdfunding campaign in 2017 on the initiative of the Brenta Open Association, which aims to augment public commitment to positive action for the ‘common good’.

Today the Falesia Dimenticata is dedicated to the pleasure of rock climbing and socializing for everyone and is also designed for social inclusion. A small community has developed around the crag, based on ideas and projects to promote good practices and sporting activities.

The Inclusive Climbing Festival is a celebration of this climbing venue and what it represents. It involves two days of debates, theatre performances, and inclusive climbing lessons with our Alpine Guides and the athletes of the Brenta Open Association.

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