Climbing Everest in Trentino

Climbing Everest in Trentino
Thursday 18 February 2021

After 14 long hours, Everesting Paganella finally came to an end. This undertaking by our sport ambassadors Yanez Borella and Enzo Romeri had the objective of climbing a height of 8849 metres, the altitude of the king of all peaks, Mount Everest, on the ski runs of the Paganella.

The route was climbed on mountaineering skis on Saturday 13 February starting from Fai della Paganella at 5:00 in the morning and finishing at 19:47, with 14 hours and 47 minutes of ascent and descent along the slopes on both sides of the Paganella.


Our two athletes were accompanied in their challenge by their training companion, Luca Troncar. He is a mountain biking enthusiast originally from Friuli, but he has been living in Fai della Paganella for the last few years where he works as a pastry chef.

Yanez and Enzo have been training together since 2011 and in 2020 they completed the Trentino section of the Sentiero della Pace in just 7 days. This is a route that links together famous sites along the front line of the First World War.


“We decided to take on this challenge not to establish a record but rather to make a statement and in particular to make our dear Paganella better known, with the support of friends and local operators”, explain Yanez and Enzo.

“We started out in bad weather and the mist kept us company for some of the time, but then the skies opened up the panoramas unique to our mountains.”


“The ski runs were in perfect condition even though the lifts are all closed because of the pandemic, and we have to thank the Paganella ski area in this respect, because they enabled us to carry out our exploit in safety and as well as possible”. The ski runs of the resort are open for training activities by the Paganella Ski Team, the Paganella Plateau team, and the Norwegian National ski team, who are conducting their final training for an important appointment at the World Championships in Cortina.


In order to ensure safety and rapid support if necessary, Yanez, Enzo, and Luca were followed throughout their efforts by a snowmobile. The three athletes encouraged each other and in the end, compensating their different rhythms, they crossed to finishing line together, reminding us all of the importance of team spirit.


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