Fai della Paganella – Monte Fausior

From the top see the entire Valle dell'Adige

Would you like to discover a small unexplored corner of the Altopiano della Paganella? Then Mount Fausior is what you are looking for, offering unique views and overlooking Fai della Paganella. From Fausior (1,554 m) you can admire the entire Valle dell'Adige as far as the city of Trento!

The hike is moderately strenuous and with several variations. Mount Fausior has a particularly "confusing" structure, in that many places and views are similar to each other, therefore we advise you to be careful and not to leave the paths for long stretches.

An interesting trail is the one that starts from Passo Santel at 1,033 m. From here climb along the untarmacked forest road, then take the turn off to the right signposted 603 towards Campedel. From there follow the mule track climbing up to a final stretch between the densely wooded area. Once you arrive at the top, continue on the slightly overgrown uneven path, crossing the whole mountain. At the crossroad you're at Baita Campedel where you can drink refreshing water directly from a spring. Crossing a vast field you can then pick up the path you took on the way up.

If you want to reach "La Cros" ("Fai's cross"), which has a fantastic view overlooking Fai and the Valley, at the junction keep right and descend via Dosso Alto.

Another path climbing up Fausior which also allows you to reach "La Cros", starts from the small church of S. Rocco di Fai della Paganella (900 m) which is steep and vertical and intersects with the previously mentioned path (this ascent lasts about an hour or so). About halfway along this route you can find La Croce di Fai, in addition to Valle dell'Adige you can also see Pale di San Martino, Lagorai and the Brenta Dolomites.
A snowshoe hike up Mount Fausior is an absolute must if you're in Fai della Paganella!

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