Mountain songs review

Campanil Bas Choir

Chiesa di San Lorenzo | Cavedago | 9.15 pm

Review of mountain songs with the "Coro Campanil Bas" of Molveno.

The repertoire ranges from traditional mountain songs to popular songs researched by the local people.

"The Campanil Bas Choir of Molveno was born and has been singing since 1951.

Seventy-one years of life, because a choir lives thanks to its passion for singing and thanks to listening to good singing.

Perhaps it was easy to find the first name, all you had to do was look up to the peaks of the Brenta Group and choose the most beautiful of these: Campanil Basso.

The inclusion over time of elements and voices from other villages in the valley and neighbouring valleys, the dedication and commitment of the choristers, and the professionalism of the various instructors are the ingredients that have allowed us to grow and to become the bearers of that cultural wealth, perhaps naive but very genuine, that has always belonged to our community.

It is precisely by looking into the precious historical memory of the people of Molveno that we can say that the Campanil Bas choir has its roots in the tradition of the parish choir. It is also true that popular mountain singing is part of the very nature of us mountain dwellers and so already at the beginning of the last century, young people, sitting on the fountains or in the heat of the "filò", tried to attract the attention of girls by singing their favourite nursery rhymes.

Our thanks go to everyone: singers 'old and new', musicians, teachers and above all... the large audience. All these are the ingredients of our success and of our journey, present and future.

Good singing and good listening to all!"

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Piazza S. Lorenzo, 8, 38010 Cavedago TN, Italia

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