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Christmas in music - Dolomiti Horn Ensemble

The Dolomiti Horn Ensemble is a horn quartet formed by Trentino musicians Nicola Ravelli, Stefano Rossi, Martino Bortolotti and Marcello Sani, who studied at the Conservatory of Trento and later perfected their skills in Italy and abroad with internationally renowned masters such as Dale Clevenger, Froydis Ree Wekre, Guido Corti and Frank Lloyd.

Founded in 2014 with the aim of publicising the versatility of the French horn and the fascination of the alphorn, the Ensemble has numerous concerts to its credit, gaining public and critical acclaim everywhere.

Around the world in 80 notes ... a journey through time and space to discover traditional music on five continents via Alpine panoramas, Slavic landscapes, Spanish arenas, Irish pubs and
Spanish arenas, Irish pubs and Bavarian breweries.
We will tell you about the sky of Paris, African landscapes and Japanese fairy tales, Argentinean fantasy, the American dream and an Australian legend.
All with the help of Maestro Roberto Pangrazzi's percussion and thanks to the wonderful arrangements written especially for us by Maestro Demetrio Bonvecchio.

An original and distinctive element of the Ensemble is the use of both the modern horn and the alphorn, an instrument endowed with a fascinating sonority and defined, not by chance, as the magical voice of the mountains.

9 December - 5 p.m. piazza Dolomiti Andalo

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Piazza Dolomiti

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Events calendar

29 December - 4 p.m. La Roda Refuge

Paganella Sunset

Experience the magic of the sunset on Cima Paganella

10 February - 6 a.m. Cima Paganella

Paganella Ski Sunrise

The first light of dawn, the crisp air, pristine snow and a breathtaking Dolomite landscape.

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