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Foliage at the Parco del Respiro

Foliage at the Parco del Respiro

October 7th and 8th | Parco del Respiro | Fai della Paganella

The summer season in Fai della Paganella embraces autumn, a wonderful moment! The Parco del Respiro is an ideal place for the foliage: a palette of colors in the beech woods, a place of extraordinary beauty with ideal and unique characteristics to try Forest Bathing, a practice for the psycho-physical well-being of the person.

A weekend to experience the emotions of nature on the trails. Music, shows and sensory immersions in the woods.


Baby Forest Bathing with headphones
Experience the forest in a light and friendly way thanks to curious stories told via wireless headphones. An experience for families and children among the enchanting trees of the Breath Park and its magical inhabitants. We will also experience the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot on the path created with natural elements: wood, pine cones, stones and bark.

Autumn cadence between leaves and notes
Concert by Giorgio Gobbo, singer-songwriter, with accompaniment by Annamaria Moro on cello

Giorgio Gobbo: he is a singer, songwriter and composer. He loves lonely mountains, good company and books. In 2019 he releases his first solo album: 'Nectar of Summer', in 2022 'Raixe Storte' is released. He produces music for video projects in his CasaForesta recording studio. In theatre, he cultivates a fertile partnership with Andrea Pennacchi and performs on stage music and songs that accompany the Padua actor's storytelling. His passion for literature has led him to set music to numerous live readings with authors such as Lucio Montecchio, Telmo Pievani and Lorenzo Maragoni. In 2022, he published the book 'Cercando un paese', his first literary work, for Ronzani Editore. Giorgio Gobbo describes himself as 'an imaginary peasant who plays the guitar'.

Anna Maria Moro: she is a cellist graduated from the Conservatory but has always been searching for a personal language on her instrument. She writes songs and poems, paints, and teaches music to children, teenagers and adults. She often collaborates as a musician and singer in various theatre productions, in particular for Teatro Boxer and with other singer-songwriters (Giorgio Gobbo, Chiara Petronella, Leonardo Buonaterra, Antonella Ruggero) and other projects that seek a marriage between music and the other arts (Sonic Poets, Andrea Ruggeri Ensemble, Zephyros, Liliac Duo).

With Trento Film Festival

Discover the programme for Sunday 8 October
The event is part of the Mountain Future Festival calendar.

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loc. Vanesola, 38010 Fai della Paganella TN, Italia

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