Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing

Inclusive Skiing Open Day

The Dolomites, natural wonders that have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009, are an asset that truly belongs to everyone only if enjoyed by the entire community, regardless of the physical characteristics of the individual.

At Dolomiti Paganella we have always been attentive to inclusivity and the promotion of a mountain accessible to all.

Here are the appointments dedicated to inclusive skiing and outdoor activities

Monday 19 February (11 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.) cross-country skiing, hiking or snowshoeing in the Andalo Life park.

Monday 18 March (11.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.) alpine skiing with dualski, starting from the Rindole School Camp and then moving onto the slopes at altitude.

The events, which are open to people with and without disabilities, are made possible by the preparation and professionalism of the instructors of the Paganella ski schools, who have followed specialisation courses to be able to teach people with psycho-physical disabilities as well.

The events are organised in collaboration with the GSH social cooperative, committed to offering services and opportunities through which people with disabilities can grow, express themselves and overcome situations of disadvantage, and with Sportfund, a non-profit organisation that has been committed to promoting inclusive sport for 35 years.

Reservations are required, with at least one week's notice, to allow for the involvement of the appropriate number of professionals and to guarantee safety conditions for all. Info and bookings:

Further information

Via Monego, 2, 38010 Andalo TN, Italia

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Events calendar

24 February - 6.30 p.m. piazza Dolomiti Andalo


Ski mountaineering race in pairs to the Dosson refuge (400m D+)

18 March - Paganella Ski

Inclusive Skiing Open Day

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing

31 May - 2 June, Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area

Dolomiti Paganella Bike Opening

The Bike and Music Festival of the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area

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