Performance by the company "Gli Alcuni"

Mystery at the Museum

Mystery at the Museum with the Chief and Assistant

Professor Teodora Teodori, a researcher at the City Museum, tries to open a space-time door that transports her through time.

In search of the scientist
Unfortunately, the attempt fails and all trace of her is lost. The Chief and the Assistant enter her laboratory and find a message in which the scientist recounts her experiment.

The Assistant only realises what really happened by looking at the footage from a camera: the scientist has been sucked through the space-time door and has become a cartoon! Angry dinosaurs, false scientific discoveries to unmask and a thousand adventures... Will our heroes be able to find her?

Free participation

8 July - 21:15 Andalo congress centre

Event organised by Andalo Vacanze

Further information

Viale Del Parco, 3, 38010 Andalo TN, Italia

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