Tales from the forest review

Once upon a time in the court of Zeus

The play begins with a man who is intent on becoming famous and important and who is working hard to achieve his goals. But one day his car stops near a wood and the man, not knowing why, as if attracted by a mysterious force, starts to enter the wood, to follow the paths...
until the path is lost in the thick of the woods.
The paths are all the same for a man who does not know the forest, so he sits down and waits. And after a while a man arrives. He doesn't arrive by chance, he arrives just for him. He appears suddenly, almost like an apparition. A tall, robust man of indefinable age and friendly appearance. He asks the seated man if he needs help and offers to drive him back to his car.

The spirits of the forest

In the meantime he tells him the story of this forest.

He begins to tell the story of a retired Colonel with a strict and meticulous character, who receives a portion of a forest estate, called the Bosco Antico, as an inheritance. Soon the Colonel's economic interests come into conflict with the reasons of the spirits living in the forest, who try to oppose the cutting down of the trees wanted by the new owner...

The characters' stories mix with the voices of nature, the animals' conversations and the blowing of the wind.

A production by Arteviva and Bakim Baum theatre
in collaboration with Finisterrae Teatri
By Michele Ciardulli
With Giacomo Anderle and Paolo Vicentini.
Directed by Michele Ciardulli.
Sets and costumes by Nadezhda Simenova

A different summer, a safe summer: the show will be performed in the open air, without seats and the guidelines will be respected.
We recommend you bring a blanket or cushion to sit on.

Free event / reservation not necessary

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