Art, music, theatre, and yoga n the heart of nature.

ORME - Festival dei Sentieri

Festival dei Sentieri
Fai della Paganella, Trento
8 -10 September

ORME, Festival dei Sentieri is an event that will take place entirely in the woods, walking in search of musical notes, stars, animals and emotions.

The steps that give rhythm to thoughts and breath are those that will fuel the program of the first edition.
ORME is for those who love the "slow" mountain, who see the woods as a space for deep thought and well-being.

Concerts, activities for children, trekking with dogs, meetings, typical products, re-enactment of local traditions: everything happens in the heart of nature, in an area that seems designed for those who love walking.


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Via Al Belvedere, 19-7, 38010 Fai della Paganella TN, Italia

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8-10 September - Fai della Paganella

ORME - Festival dei Sentieri

Art, music, theatre, and yoga n the heart of nature.

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