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Piazza Viva - We were all young

The event aims to retrace through some significant moments the relationship between young people and music as it has been articulated since the 1960s. Since that time, there has been a close connection between music and youth in the Western world, in the sense that pop music on the one hand conditions and on the other interprets, amplifies and makes even more visible - especially thanks to new technologies - the evolution that characterised the way of living in the period of youth.

For each generation, a cross-section of its characteristics is proposed through monologues, videos, testimonies, all linked with the performance of songs that symbolise that generation: from the Beatles to Morandi, from Guccini to Battisti, from De Gregori to De André, from Abba to Pink Floyd, and then Pausini, Ligabue, Vasco Rossi, up to Negramaro and Måneskin... and much more.

Piazza Viva is a musical company that offers thematic performances using national and international pop and rock music, monologues from literature
contemporary literature, videos, testimonies and lighting effects, to create events that combine emotion and thought.

It is an experience that intends to promote the cultural animation of the territory, believing that music and theatre are important tools to encourage reflection and the growth of individuals and communities, in the logic of pedagogical art, on the one hand, and social cohesion for those who are active players, on the other.

The group, in its basic formation, is made up of six singers, four musicians (professional or semi-professional), an actor and a director.

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Viale del Parco 3

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09 July

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23/24 JULY 2022

Brenta Open 2022

The history of the few becomes the conquest of the many

23/24 JULY 2022

Brenta Open 2022

The history of the few becomes the conquest of the many

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