Here comes Saint Lucia, the saint who brings gifts.

Santa Lucia comes

Children run, Santa Lucia is coming with her donkey!

Santa Lucia with her donkey will meet the children of Andalo's schools and in a parade they will reach Piazza Dolomiti where mulled wine, hot tea and surprise sweets will be distributed.

Hush, hush, be quiet
the Saint comes from afar
bringing sweets and gifts to everyone
especially to the good children.
But if a child is naughty,
and a little bit naughty,
there's nothing in the dining room.
So naughty children
become a little good,
and the little hearts that have been put out
are happy with the Saint.
Thank you, thank you, Santa Lucia,
your enchantment take me away.

12 December, 5.30 p.m. - Piazza Dolomiti Andalo

Further information

Andalo, 38010 Andalo TN, Italia

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