The streets of the centre of Andalo come alive on Thursdays

Thursdays under the stars

The streets of the town centre will all be pedestrianised and we can stroll in peace in an unusual and special context:

Andalo by night

you can visit the shops, open for the occasion;

enjoy the shows of the travelling street artists;

have fun with the Andalo Vacanze entertainment team;

take a train ride to get to know Andalo by night.

There will be entertaining street performers in the streets of the village:

- LAURENT TETU' a very unusual and bizarre character who tries to make a living from the few things he learns on his travels. He will entertain children and adults alike in a crescendo of sympathy that will sweep them off their feet.

- COUNT VON TOK Count Von Tok arrives, with his elegance, his suitcases and his old radio. A hilarious and innovative show, in which clowning and pantomime techniques merge to truly captivating effect... From his suitcases, the Count will pull out strange objects to no end to surprise and amaze those in front of him, but beware: if you don't cooperate, the Count may take it badly!

- AIRSHIP PIRATE An undaunted adventurer is trying to get home but mechanical problems and poor fuel are complicating his mission. Will he be able to return to Latakia?

- LUCA REGINA is a visual comedy and magic comedian, but also a very good entertainer and presenter. In his shows, comic technique and a sense of rhythm are inextricably linked with a great capacity for improvisation

4 July - 9 p.m. in the streets of the centre of Andalo

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Further information

Piazza Dolomiti, 4, 38010 Andalo TN, Italia

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