Animal Park Animal Park
Parco Faunistico di Spormaggiore in Trentino in estate
Parco Faunistico di Spormaggiore in Trentino in estate
Parco Faunistico di Spormaggiore in Trentino in estate
Parco Faunistico di Spormaggiore in Trentino in estate
Parco Faunistico di Spormaggiore in Trentino in estate
Animal Park

The brown bear and its friends

The brown bears in the Spormaggiore Animal Park live in conditions very similar to their wild counterparts. Their fence extends for about 7000 m2 in a quiet and wooded area.
Next to them there are wolves, in an area that spans 3,500 m2 of forest. Two large strategically placed observatories will allow you to get a close look at them in semi-natural conditions. Within the two fenced off areas are large trees like beeches, spruces and larches, as well as bushy areas interspersed with open areas and even a small stream with pools and small waterfalls to recreate their typical environment.
There is a 30 m2 aviary housing eagle owls, but you can also see wild cats, lynxes and foxes.

To complete the Park's offer there is also a petting farm, refreshment areas, an Alpine lake, a playground for young children and a video room with 20 seats so that you can watch documentaries about the Adamello Brenta National Park and brown bears.
The Animal Park is also a clinic to look after animals from zoos or facilities unfit to provide them with decent living conditions.
In Trentino the Park is unique in structure and philosophy: it has long-term projects that aim at preserving the Alpine fauna.

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An interesting fact about brown bears

The brown bear is omnivorous but 70% of its food is made up of plant products such as berries, roots, shoots and mushrooms. Who'd have thought it?

Our special tip

Read the Park's rules carefully to discover information to avoid damaging the flora and fauna. You'll be amazed, for example if you visit the park with your children you can enter the Park even with a stroller, however if you have a dog you must keep it on a leash, and you mustn't feed or scare the animals or pick plants and flowers.


Parco Faunistico Spormaggiore

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