Easy Electric Fat Bike Tour

Winter biking in the Dolomites

Take an electric Fat Bike with its powerful BOSCH motor on an excursion along snowy tracks to explore the pine woods around the village of Andalo. A very special and unusual atmosphere with the Brenta Dolomites to accompany us along the journey!

From the expert's mouth

“Our MTB enthusiasm does not go into hibernation! We love winter biking and breathing the crisp air of the Dolomites, submerged in the magical atmosphere of the snowy landscape on the saddle of one of our Fat Bikes.” - Davide Carton

For your safety

Take your face mask with you! You will need to use it whenever maintaining social distancing is impossible (meeting points, inside mountain huts, uplift systems, greeting people, etc.).

Stefano will have the job of ensuring all participants keep a safe distance, but your collaboration and attention is also important.

Any equipment or items used will be sanitized after every use.

Who organizes

We are the Paganella Bike Academy, an enthusiastic group of MTB instructors, all FCI (Italian Cycling Federation) qualified.

What is provided

An MTB Guide from our Academy, an electric pedal-assisted Fat Bike, and a helmet because safety is important!


The guide will choose each outing whether to ride a fat bike or an e-mtb, depending on terrain conditions.

To participate

from 14 December 2021 to 15 March 2022
Days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Where: The Cave Trail Center, Via Priori 14, Andalo.

Info and Booking

Paganella Bike Academy | paganellabikeacademy@gmail.com | (+39) 342 708 20 95


100,00 €

Includes the service of the guide and the bike rental.


  • Suitable for
    Suitable for: active people with an adventurous spirit. We cannot say exactly how it will go because snow is a very variable medium, but we can assure you there will be loads of fun!
  • Languages spoken by the guide
    Languages spoken by the guide: Italian, English
  • Equipment
    Equipment: winter clothing, as if you were going skiing. It is important to have a rucksack to put away any excess clothing if you get too hot, but might need again later (or vice versa!)

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