A sensory walk in the village

A paired-up sightless walk in the village of San Lorenzo in Banale and adjacent woods, to become aware of your other senses and enter into a deeper relationship with the environment.

Exploring the village with your eyes closed means getting to know it through the scents of former times, but it is also an exercise for bringing to light memories, intuitions, and developing self-awareness. When sight is excluded, the other senses are awakened and enhanced.

The members of each pair take turns closing their eyes and allow themselves to be led by their guide, who can still see. They are not allowed to communicate by speech, making the experience entirely sensorial. Without the filter of sight a ray of sunshine on your face becomes a caress, the smell of the forest floor an intense perfume, the warmth of your walking companion's hand a reassuring contact. As a consequence the pair end up synchronizing their breathing and movements, almost like a dance.

At the end of the perception walk you stop at Il Ritorno Farm where we enjoy a herbal tea together. Each participant chooses their own tea by smell from a sequence of different infusions. This reveals how the sightless walk has enhanced your olfactive perception.

From the expert's mouth

"Perception Walking teaches you to see the world with the eyes of the soul and rediscover an ancestral relationship with the environment.” - Alissa Shiraishi

Who organizes

MattariVita includes Mattia Cornella from Trentino, a therapist and teacher of Iokai Shiatsu, and Alissa Shiraishi from Japan, Butoh and contemporary dancer, and Iokai and Meridian Shiatsu therapist. We are part of BrentAnima, a group of holistic practitioners who offer wellness experiences for body and mind in the Brenta Dolomites.

To participate

Registration: 9pm the day before

from 16 June 2022 to 8 September 2022
When: 10:30-12:00
Days: Thursday
Where: Borgo Senaso | San Lorenzo Dorsino.

Info and Booking

MattariVita | Mattia Cornella e Alissa Shiraishi
Tel (+39) 347 6000592


18,00 €

€ 16,00 with the Dolomiti Paganella Guest Card


  • Languages spoken by the guide
    Languages spoken by the guide: Italian, French, English, Japanese
  • Number of participants
    Number of participants: Min. 2, max. 12
  • Equipment
    Equipment: Comfortable shoes and clothing.

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