Descend the ski runs as you have never done before!

Franck Petoud, dedicated BMX rider and snowboarder, was cut off in a Swiss chalet after a big snowstorm. To pass the time he cut up his snowboard and fixed the pieces to the frame of a funscoot - and the snowscoot was born!

Recently arrived in Italy, this new activity provides guaranteed fun even for those who do not know how to ski or snowboard. Come and try in complete safety under the careful instruction of our guides!

From the expert's mouth

“Ski or snowboard? For the undecided the answer is without doubt snowscoot!! Ideal for those looking for something different and exciting, riding the ski runs in an original way… definitely very enjoyable!” - Stefano Udeschini

Who organizes

We are a group of snowboard and MTB instructors who love having fun in the mountains.

What is provided

Instructor and snowscoot

To participate

Registration: 48 hours in advance. This activity is only available with prior booking.

from 10 January 2022 to 12 March 2022
When: 14:00-16:30
Days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Where: The Cave Trail Center, Via Priori 14, Andalo.

Info and Booking

Paganella Bike Academy | | (+39) 342 708 20 95


90,00 €

for the first rider. An extra € 20.00 for each subsequent person who signs up - up to a maximum of 4 people. Skipass not included.


  • Suitable for
    Suitable for: sporty people with an adventurous spirit. We cannot say what your first experience will be like, but we can guarantee that you will have fun in safety, thanks to the valuable advice of your instructor.
  • Languages spoken by the guide
    Languages spoken by the guide: Italian, English
  • Number of participants
    Number of participants: max. 4
  • Equipment
    Equipment: winter outdoor sports clothing , winter hiking or snowboard boots (NO ski boots)

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