Frozen Water

Climb a frozen waterfall

Experience the thrill of hanging from the points of ice axes and crampons as you climb an icefall, protected with climbing ropes. Unique scenarios await you where the winter environment creates wonderful natural ice sculptures.

The expert tells

“Every single muscle is burning, the cold takes your breath away, the adrenalin hits hard, and the silence of nature is disturbed only by your ice picks thwacking into the ice: all part of climbing the evanescent - climbing an icefall!” - Simone Elmi

Who organizes

Simone Elmi, UIAGM Alpine Guide. The Brenta Dolomites and Paganella are my home, and like any good host I am delighted to show you around the most enchanting corners of our mountain landscape.

What is provided

Technical equipment: ice axes, crampons, helmet, harness.

To participate

Registration: within 17:00 on the day before

from 5 December 2019 to 26 March 2020
When: 09:00-14:00
Days: Thursday
Where: Mappa
Activity offices, via Paganella 3a, Andalo.

Info and Booking

Simone Elmi
0461 585353


90,00 €

Includes the service of an Alpine Guide and technical equipment hire.


  • Suitable for
    Suitable for: active people of 12 years and above. This activity may also be suitable for the disabled, based on individual assessment.
  • Languages spoken by the guide
    Languages spoken by the guide: Italian, English, French
  • Number of participants
    Number of participants: max. 3
  • Equipment
    Equipment: Hiking boots, gloves, hat, winter trousers, warm layered clothing, waterproof shell, rucksack, flask with hot drink, a change of undershirt.

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