Night in the forest

Family night hike in Paganella

“We walk quietly through the forest along a path with just the sound of our footsteps, lighting our way with headtorches that create a play of light and shadows around us, when the curious eyes of owls and other forest animals can suddenly pop into view and follow us mysteriously.

Along our route from the Andalo Life Park to the Cavedago Animal Observatory we will learn to distinguish the sounds of the night with its animal calls, and explore the biodiversity along the way. We learn how to orient ourselves with the stars, at the end all forming a circle and enjoying some tea made from mountain herbs collected in the local forests and fields, while listening to the “Legend of the Pole Star”!

The expert tells

“Your children will never forget the thrill of their first excursion into the forest at night!” - Romano Bottamedi

Who organizes

Rindole Bike & Outdoor: a group of alpine guides, mountain leaders, and Nordic walking instructors, enthusiastic to share our mountain experiences and pass on some knowledge in a very enjoyable and completely safe activity.

What is provided

Headtorches, mountain herb tea, all our experience and enthusiasm.

To participate

Registration: within 5pm on the day before

from 7 July 2020 to 1 September 2020
When: 20:30-22:30
Days: Tuesday
Where: Mappa
Paracongressi Bar at Andalo Life.

Info and Booking

Piazzale Paganella 1
Tel. 0461.589176 – 0461.585680


20,00 €


  • Suitable for
    Suitable for: families with children of over 8 years. Requires enough fitness for an easy walk of about ninety minutes. Distance: 5 km. Altitude difference: 110 m. The route winds along a forest path and track.
  • Languages spoken by the guide
    Languages spoken by the guide: Italian, English
  • Number of participants
    Number of participants: Min. 5 - Max. 10
  • Equipment
    Equipment: Mountain walking boots / trail running or training shoes, suitable clothing for a night excursion, rucksack, and optional walking poles. HEADTORCHES ARE PROVIDED BY THE ORGANIZERS

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