Three-day Dolo-mythic hike!

The hiking tour for Dolomiti-lovers

Three days in authentic wild landscapes, far from civilization, for an unforgettable experience: a journey into the heart of the Brenta Dolomites. We sleep two nights in mountain huts for a full immersion in the marvels of this World Heritage site.

Nothing is more local and traditional than a tasty hot dish of canederli or polenta served in our mountain huts. This hike also includes some impressive natural features, like the Sasso Clamer, a pillar of rock balanced incredibly on a tiny base, or the Pozza Tramontana, a frost hollow where the temperature falls to - 40°C … but no need to worry, we will be walking around it!

From the expert's mouth

“A three day hike among the Brenta Dolomites is the best way to fully appreciate these mountains. Three days to recharge body and mind, get in touch with nature, and leave behind the worries of everyday life by immersing yourself in this amazing world.” - Elisa Parisi

For your safety

Take your face mask with you! You will need to use it whenever maintaining social distancing is impossible (meeting points, inside mountain huts, uplift systems, greeting people, etc.).

Elisa will have the job of ensuring all participants keep a safe distance, but your collaboration and attention is also important.

Any equipment or items used will be sanitized after every use.

Who organizes

My name is Elisa Parisi. I have been working as a hiking leader for a number of years and exploring the mountains is a great personal passion. I grew up among the Brenta peaks, which I think of as home, but they still manage to surprise and amaze me every day.

To participate

from 1 July 2020 to 31 August 2020
Days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Where: Andalo Swimming Pool - Ice Skating Rink .

Info and Booking

This activity is only available with prior booking. 
Elisa Parisi
Tel +393404055856


120,00 €

Lunches and overnight stays at the mountain huts excluded


  • Suitable for
    Suitable for: reasonably fit hikers who are used to walking over different types of mountain terrain. The height difference will be about 1400 m on day one, 1000 m on day two, with the third day being mainly downhill for a total distance of about 25 Km over the three days of hiking. With forest tracks, mountain paths with exposed sections, and Alpine meadows there will be plenty of variety! Children of over 10 years can take part but only if already experienced in mountain hiking.
  • Languages spoken by the guide
    Languages spoken by the guide: Italian, fluent English, basic German
  • Number of participants
    Number of participants: Minimum 4, maximum 9
  • Equipment
    Equipment: A three day hike requires some care when preparing your rucksack and clothing. These are some important things to remember: - spacious rucksack that is easy to carry even when loaded (35 - 40 L) - raincoat - waterproof overtrousers - gloves, warm hat, scarf - complete change of clothing - hiking boots - sheet sleeping bag (not a full sleeping bag) - canteen or refillable water bottle (2 L) - packed lunch for day one - walking poles (optional)


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