What to do in Dolomiti Paganella with your children this July

What to do in Dolomiti Paganella with your children this July
Wednesday 15 June 2022

Going on holiday with children can sometimes be demanding. Fortunately in the Dolomiti Paganella young guests are given special treatment, with made-to-measure services just for them. And we make sure there are plenty of open air activities and experiences so that your children can get back into contact with nature.

Look at some activities recommended by our staff!


#1 Fun park in the trees

In the Molveno Forest Park your children can hop from tree to tree and test their balancing skills on ropes, zip-lines, and Tibetan bridges suspended in the air. There is an obstacle course suited to every age (including Mum and Dad!)


#2 On the Alpine meadows of Banale

In Val d’Ambiez, in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, Chiara will turn 18 in a few days. She is passing the summer at Malga Senaso di Sotto with her mother Erika and her 15-year-old sister Laura. She will be welcoming visitors there every Thursday to help you discover life in an Alpine farm and let you taste the Malga's delicious dairy products. More information here.


#3 Adamello Brenta Natural Park in miniature

The Sarnacli Mountain Park has a 13 stage route through the forest to playfully explore all the natural environments of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Each stage, inspired by a real excursion in the Brenta Dolomites, allows your children to experience, smell, climb, and observe this natural landscape of outstanding beauty. See how to get there.


#4 Trip to a mountain house

An easy excursion of about an hour on Monte Fausior leads to a little corner of rustic paradise: Malga Val dei Brenzi, surrounded by forest and meadows and in the summer home to cows, lamas, and turkeys. We recommend tasting the yogurt with honey, produced 100% on-site, or booking dinner at the Malga to try our delicious traditional potato fritters.


#5 Mountain seaside

A turquoise gemstone set among the Dolomite peaks: it's love at first sight for Lake Molveno! To get a different perspective hire an electric paddle boat and boldly cast off to explore the lake. The Hire Centre is directly on the beach, close to the MiniGolf course.

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