Why you should book holiday in Dolomiti Paganella in August

Why you should book holiday in Dolomiti Paganella in August
Tuesday 27 July 2021

Summer continues at full pace in Dolomiti Paganella. We not only provide the perfect antidote to city heat (a dip in the crystalline waters of Lake Molveno is better than a 100 air conditioners), but we also promise unique experiences and countless ways to relax and recharge your batteries in nature. We have made a selection of things not to be missed during your holiday!


#1 What future for the mountains?

From 25 to 28 August the Mountain Future Festival is back, an event that investigates future challenges for the mountain environment, this year in collaboration with the Trento Film Festival. Ranging from climate change to the relationship between mankind and nature, don't miss this opportunity to discuss and swop ideas with qualified experts on the future of our mountains. See the full programme here.


#2 Beauty by e-bike

If you too have been won over by e-bikes in recent years, then Dolomiti Paganella offers plenty of mountain routes to enjoy this hobby in safety. This month we recommend the Selvapiana Tour. It runs entirely inside the forest, making it an ideal ride for hot summer days. Some sections follow the Spor mountain stream and the route also visits the little San Tommaso church, a wonderful viewpoint overlooking Val di Non.


#4 Visiting mountain farms

Learn to make cheese, help milk cows, hear cowbells ringing in the meadows: on our mountain farms you come into contact with nature at its most genuine, welcomed by the men and women who have chosen Alpine farming as a way of life.


#4 Into the wild

Unending panoramas over uncontaminated landscapes, tired legs at the end of the day, dinner under the stars: a multi-day tour in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites is an adventure to be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. If this is a first-time experience, then you can depend on our Alpine Guides. They will accompany you in the exploration of some hidden corners and locations known only to locals. See the organized tours here.


#5 Getting high with Daniele Silvestri

If you are lucky enough to extend your holidays into September, don't miss the free concert by Daniele Silvestri at Bait del Germano, on the Paganella. It is on the 8th of September and marks the return of the annual Suoni delle Dolomiti concert cycle! Find out how you can take part.

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