Your Dolomiti Paganella summer bucket list

Your Dolomiti Paganella summer bucket list
Wednesday 17 June 2020

A mountain holiday has always been a synonym for liberation and wellbeing, thanks to the abundance of open, uncontaminated space and fresh air. However, in Dolomiti Paganella we want to go a step further so that you can experience the subtle power of nature in lots of different ways. Here are just a few.


See the dawn from a mountain hut at 2400 m

Get up while it is still dark to enjoy the dawn from a unique viewpoint poised between the sky and the Dolomites, enjoy a coffee while the first walkers of the day are arriving at the hut. Often the very simplest things in life are the best.


Fly on a paraglider

Dolomiti Paganella gives you wings! If you have ever asked yourself what it feels like to fly above the Brenta Dolomites, with the crystalline waters of Lake Molveno far below you, the time has come to find out.


Reaching the Eagle's Perch

Tibetan bridges, spiral stairways, and the sensation of climbing across the sky: to reach this panoramic viewpoint you need some courage and a love for adrenalin. The reward is a breath-taking landscape and the satisfaction of having conquered the Ferrata delle Aquile.


Launch yourself down the mountain on two wheels

Even our most hesitant members of staff ended up changing their minds once they had tried: few things are as exciting and charged with adrenalin as a gravity descent! When you finally reach the bottom, your only desire is to go back to the top and start all over again.


Breathing wellness

Feeling at one with nature at its most pristine, breathing in crystal clean air and admiring the habitats of countless species of wild plants and animals: mountains have always been a tonic for the soul.

In Fai della Paganella these ideas have become a science, in the form of a forest bath in our Parco del Respiro. According to this practice imported from Japan, walking in this forest for at least two hours and deeply breathing its aromas, will bring you a pleasant sensation of peace and tranquillity, as well as numerous health benefits.

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