New Year’s resolutions and events for 2024 in Dolomiti Paganella

New Year’s resolutions and events for 2024 in Dolomiti Paganella
Monday 22 January 2024

In Dolomiti Paganella your list of resolutions integrates into your holiday plans: whether you want to do more mountain sports, enjoy extra time with your family, or eat with more awareness and care for the environment, you will find an event that suits you.

New Year’s resolutions for sports enthusiasts


X WARRIOR | 18 - 19 May

After training for the first months of the year, you are now ready to start running and overcoming obstacles as an X Warrior.

Molveno will welcome beginner and expert athletes with competitions at different levels of difficulty, while we cheer you on from the lake shore.


BIKE OPENING | 31 May - 2 June

The long weekend of 2 June is the weekend bikers look forward to the most: the opening of the season of the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Park, which we celebrate with 3 days of trails, après bike, gift items, and sponsor stands at the mountain huts where you can try out their latest products.


ORIENTEERING - 5 Days of Italy | 1 - 6 July

Search our old village centre, meadows, forests, and rocky outcrops in an activity resembling a treasure hunt for markers that could be hidden anywhere.

With map and compass in hand you walk or run to find all the control points before your rival competitors.

Immersed in the verdant green of the Paganella you can choose to cheer on a champion, or take up the challenge and test your own sense of orientation.


XTERRA | 26 - 29 September

The XTerra Triathlon world championships will be holding 4 competitions in Molveno with over 800 champions from over 55 countries.

If you would like to get to know the athletes in person and help organize an event of this importance, then why not become one of our volunteers? After all, sport is first and foremost a community experience.

New Year’s resolutions for families


FAMILY BIKE DERBY | 30 May - 1 June

Over these three days children and parents can try out the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Area trails together, with routes suitable for all levels and ages.

Between pump-tracks and technical workshops you can stop for a slice of apple cake in a hut, explore the bike areas, or take part in our guided tours.

You can also look forward to lots of gift items from our partners, a pizza party and pasta party, the favourite times for children to tell you all about their new adventures.



The Dolomiti Paganella Family Festival is a specially designed holiday for you and your children.

It includes story times, excursions, and creative workshops among the beech and spruce woods, or green meadows. Here you can enjoy the aromas and savours of wild plants and forest floor life, which are found more or less everywhere in Paganella.

This week the Family Hotels will be offering special prices for rooms: scented Swiss pine hideaways, where you can rediscover the fun of spending time together at a relaxed pace.

New Year’s resolutions for foodies


ALPINE FLAVOURS | mid September

Breathe in the mountain freshness, taste Alpine char fish caught in Lake Molveno, white asparagus from Zambana, accompanied with a goblet of Nosiola or Lagrein wine from our local cellars.

Our chefs have been getting ready for the last few weeks, consulting and meeting local producers to find the best combinations for our traditional foods and wines, with the single objective of delighting your taste buds.


CIUIGA FESTIVAL | 31 October - 3 November

The festival that locals look forward to most over the year is the Ciuìga Festival, the perfect occasion for tasting this unusual pork based salami savoured with turnip. It is a Slow Food presidium and produced in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, San Lorenzo Dorsino.

The Festival welcomes visitors in the courtyards and porchways of the village, with children’s workshops, craft markets, local farm products, food and wine tasting, and guided tours.

New Year’s resolutions for more environmentally aware travellers



This is an ideas workshop for reflecting, exchanging thoughts, and taking a moment to appreciate the rich variety and beauty of the high mountain environment.

The program of events is dedicated to the future of the mountains together with experts, international and Italian artists, films, shows, and activities immersed in nature.



Orme is our mountain trails festival for walking at a calm, steady pace. In addition, for a few days the forest becomes a place for meditation, acting, sampling local products, and listening to soft music.

It is an opportunity to re-integrate yourself into nature, when you always receive more than you expect, and for leaving a positive trace for all those who follow you along these trails.

New Year’s resolutions for living unforgettable moments



Experience the crisp air at 2125 metres, fresh snow, and Enrosadira on the Brenta Dolomites.

This morning’s breakfast is served by the chef Gigi Giovannini, with a 360° view over the Trentino mountains.

You ascend on the ski lifts and descend on your first ski run of the day, or alternatively join our Alpine Guides on a snowshoeing excursion.

You choose how to watch the Paganella as it wakes up in the morning.



Not on a stage but in meadows with natural rock amphitheatres, Trentino’s high mountain music festival returns again this year to Dolomiti Paganella.

Enjoy the music and words of artists after the challenge of a mountain hike.

Lay out your blanket on the meadow and breathe in the fragrance of the forest as you prepare to hear musical notes intertwined in a play of echoes and wafting breeze.


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