Dolomiti Paganella in a camper van: a practical guide for your journey

Dolomiti Paganella in a camper van: a practical guide for your journey
Thursday 24 August 2023

In Dolomiti Paganella the freedom to roam and get close to nature are part of our DNA. However, when following your spirit it is necessary to abide by a few simple rules that help to maintain the precious natural environment we live in.

With this in mind, we suggest a few locations where your home on wheels will be welcomed.

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This area immersed in nature near Fai della Paganella was opened in the summer of 2022.

It provides 16 camper sites with electrical supply columns, water supply, waste water and sewage disposal area, and electronic entrance barrier with ticket machine.

It is located in a quiet zone about 1 kilometre from the village centre, making the Orizzonti Camper Park a perfect starting point for exploring the Breathing Park or taking a forest bath.

Visit this page for more up-to-date information and price lists.



Minimalism has a special charm, but living without the convenience of a spacious site can be problematic. Rindole is a camper park that lacks for nothing: toilet facilities, showers, bar, restaurant, electricity, water supply and disposal, bus stop in summer.

Located 500 metres from the centre of Andalo the parking area is tarmacked and illuminated, simple but more than adequate as a base for exploring the surrounding nature.

Open from 1 May to 1 October the camper park can host up to about 70 camper vans, with tariffs that vary from high to low season, with a supplementary charge for connection to the electrical supply.

For more information and up-to-date prices contact Bar Rindole at: (+39) 348 37 43 710 or (+39) 349 40 82 208.



The sun filtering through your dormer windows, the distant tinkle of cow bells, the swish of wheels of the bikers waiting for the bike park to open: you are in the Laghet Camper Park, you are happy and you know it.

Whether you are with a sweetheart, friends, children, dog, or your MTB, from the Laghet parking area in Andalo just ten short strides takes you to the cable car, to be whisked up the mountain and see the famous pink sunrise over the Dolomite mountains, known as the Enrosadira.

The Laghet Camper Park is a tarmacked parking area with water supply and disposal, offering paid overnight parking and open during the winter season. You can request more information and charges at the ticket office of the Vallebianca cable car.



Molveno Camper Park is just 5 minutes from the lakeside, where the quiet waters will cradle you in restful sleep, essential after a hard day of hiking and kayaking (but if your partner snores like a bear, we advise leaving them in the camper and going to relax in the Dolomia Wellness Centre).

When you wake up, surrounded by green meadows and gurgling streams with a view of the Dolomite mountains, you will feel fully refreshed and ready for a new adventure.

For all the most up-to-date information about the camper park, visit this link.



In addition to the five camper park areas on the Altopiano della Paganella, there are also two camp sites: the Camping Andalo Life in Andalo, where you can take advantage of numerous discounts on Andalo Life activities and services, and the Camping Spiaggia at Molveno Lake, the perfect place for an outdoor holiday on the lake shore.

We note that camping is not allowed in the camper van park areas, and it is forbidden outside of official camp sites in all of Trentino.

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