Savour the winter here with us in Dolomiti Paganella

Savour the winter here with us in Dolomiti Paganella
Tuesday 14 November 2023

30 plus snow-covered ski runs, seasonal lighting, the aroma of cinnamon and mulled wine drifting along the cobbled streets - winter in Trentino takes your breath away even before the winter sports.


Then you can glide over the snow on skis, snowboards, and sledges before warming up with a glass of our favourite local red wine, Teroldego Rotaliano. Sip some from a goblet in front of a wood-burning ceramic stove in our mountain huts, or during a tasting visit to the winemaker’s cellar.


Outside there are ski mountaineering tracks, snow-covered meadows for snowshoeing, ice skating rinks on the shores of Molveno Lake, and sled rides pulled by strong white Haflinger mountain horses.

Advice from the locals:
When we go out for an excursion we always carry lightweight crampons, since you never know where you might find ice after an overnight freeze.


You can finish off the day by plunging into a hot whirlpool bath before getting down on the après-ski dance floors. Or perhaps book a moonlit dinner at one of our mountain huts and chalets, going up on the cable cars or on a snowcat for the treat of a hot plate of Tonco de Pontesel, with Gulasch, polenta, and grilled cheese.

The winter just as we like it

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