5 reasons for visiting Fai della Paganella during your holiday

5 reasons for visiting Fai della Paganella during your holiday
Wednesday 1 March 2023

Nestled in the folds of the Paganella mountain, a few kilometres from Andalo and Molveno, is Fai della Paganella (often simply called, "Fai"), on a natural balcony above the huge Adige glacial valley.

The relaxing footpaths that leave from the village centre and wander through the surrounding meadows and forests makes it the ideal venue for a slow paced holiday and for re-establishing your links with the natural world.

Below are 5 things worth considering in your holiday plans.


#1 It is the perfect location for forest bathing

The Parco del Respiro is dedicated to forest bathing, inside a wonderful beech wood. Right outside the village centre, with terraces providing a wide view over the Adige valley all the way to the eastern Dolomite peaks, the beech wood creates particularly charming light effects, with the finest forest scents, an awesome silence, and refreshingly clean air.

During the summer months yoga, meditation, and tree hugging activities are organized within the Park, but it can be enjoyed year round completely free of charge. | Find out more


#2 The locals work hard to maintain the old agricultural traditions of the area

Fruit, honey, jam, fruit juice, vegetables, cheese, and yoghurt are all products that tell the story of the love and dedication to the land of the local people.

Around Fai della Paganella there are numerous small farms that work the land day after day with untiring commitment.

You can buy their products directly from the producers or enjoy them in the seasonal menus at the Fai restaurants.


#3 You can travel back in time

How did mountain folk pass their time a hundred years ago? Find out at M.A.S., a little museum under the rustic vaulted ceilings of the Cortalta district.

The history of the local area is narrated in small manufactured items that have been recovered and restored for the museum, like the curious machine for making sauerkraut.

The recreated rooms are imbued with an antique atmosphere and you can visit old animal barns to spin some yarn, or help a cobbler in his workshop. | Guided visits from June to September.


#4 The views are truly exceptional

Would you like to explore a rarely visited corner of the world? Welcome to Monte Fausior, overlooking Fai della Paganella with its quiet forests and spectacular panoramas.

Our favourite is the view from Croce di Fai, taking in the whole Adige valley from Bolzano to Trento.

For an easier walk more suitable for families, we recommend Malga Val dei Brenzi. It is open from June to September and you will be welcomed by cows, lamas, and rabbits.


#5 Fai is the venue for the only Italian event that takes place entirely along footpaths and inside the forest

The month of September, with its warm colours, soft light, light mists, and forest aromas is one of the nicest times to walk in nature.

That is why we hold Orme, the Festival of Footpaths, in Fai della Paganella in mid September, when you can ramble along the footpaths through the heart-warming forests that make Fai so special.

And on top of that, for three days the woods become a venue for meditation, theatre, sampling local products, and listening to music.

The aim of this event is to enliven the woods, meadows, and footpaths around the village with new emotions, while always respecting the natural habitat. | festivalorme.it

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