Snowshoeing in Dolomiti Paganella: a guide to the five best excursions

Snowshoeing in Dolomiti Paganella: a guide to the five best excursions
Monday 15 November 2021

Snow does not mean the end of the hiking season! Snowshoes are one of the best ways to enjoy the open air and keep active during the winter. The snow spreads a soft blanket over the meadows and trees, bringing a feeling of calm tranquillity and even the easiest walks are transformed into magic journeys.

Here are the 5 nicest snowshoeing routes in Dolomiti Paganella!


#1 Malga Dagnola Bassa

A route through one of the wildest and least known areas of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Just imagine the muffled sounds, tree branches loaded down with snow, and the only tracks in the white flakes are the animals who passed by during the night. The mountain hut is closed, but this is the perfect location for a tasty pack-lunch in the winter sunshine. | Find out more.


#2 Tre-Tre, a track with a lot of history

If you are lucky enough to be in Dolomiti Paganella when snow is falling, hurry to rent some snowshoes and ascend the Tre-Tre hiking path: it is like being transported into the fantasy world of Narnia. And if you are a ski history buff, you can say you have taken the ski run on which the legendary Zeno Colò competed and won. | Find out more.


#3 Rifugio La Montanara, a natural mountain viewpoint

A walk in the snow through the dense spruce forests of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, from the village of Andalo to the Montanara mountain hut. When you arrive you can take a front row seat to admire the most famous and spectacular peaks of the Brenta Dolomites under their white mantle of snow. If you would like to eat in the hut at the end of your hike, it is advisable to book in advance. | Find out more.


#4 Discovering Monte Fausior

Monte Fausior is the gentle guardian of the village of Fai della Paganella. While less famous than the nearby Brenta Dolomites and Paganella, its quiet forests and panoramic viewpoints will surprise you when you least expect it, making it perfect for a winter excursion in the snow. Depending on your level of fitness you can choose to go to the easier Malga Val dei Brenzi or the more demanding Croce di Fai.


#5 From Andalo to the Chiesa di San Tommaso

This easy excursion is suitable for everyone, winding along almost completely level forest roads. You can decide to stop when you reach the area called Priori, or carry on to the Chiesa di San Tommaso, a Gothic church building from the XIV century, where you enjoy a fantastic view overlooking Val di Non. In winter you need to book in advance if you want to see inside the church. | Find out more.

Depending on the state of the snow cover the paths can also be followed wearing hiking boots, without snowshoes. Look out for patches of ice and take adequate winter equipment with you, check the weather forecast and current conditions along the route.

To experience the mountains in winter in complete safety, refer to one of our Alpine Guides, who can help you choose the right route for your ability and accompany you with their advanced mountain skills.

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