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Excursions in the snow

You don't want to ski but you don't want to spend all your time in front of the fire?
In that case snowshoes!

With snowshoes, which hook onto your shoes, walk along the snow-covered trails reaching the hidden corners of our area, in the depths of a magical forest cloaked in white.
Snowshoeing is a walk in the snow covering routes of different levels and requiring different degrees of training to be carried out independently by following the maps or by booking an excursion with the Alpine Guides. A snowshoe excursion can be quite an adventure, walking in the forest which is completely white and silent, learning and recognizing the animal footprints in the snow, the plants that surround you and discovering the secrets of the forest.

Hiking in Adamello Brenta National Park is within everyone's reach.
Depending on how much snow has fallen, certain trails can be covered with hiking boots and without snowshoes, while on others you may find sections with ice covered by snow.
For peace of mind and to experience the mountains safely during winter, speak to our Alpine Guides who will advise you on the status of the paths and the equipment needed, help you decide which routes are best for you taking into account their level of difficulty and accompany you with expertise.

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