Dolomiti paganella_Yallers Estate 2019_ph. @alixia88 (32)
Dolomiti paganella_Yallers Estate 2019_ph. @alixia88 (25)
Alba Croce Fai - Frizzera (10)
Alba Croce Fai - Frizzera (9)
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Leave a thought at the foot of the Fai Cross

When hiking up Monte Fausior be prepared to make a lot of stops, not so much because you need to...but because of the beauty surrounding you!

Along the path that will take you to the Fai Cross (the most panoramic point on Mount Fausior) at 1,460 m you will want to make frequent stops to look at the scenery around you, and we strongly encourage you to do just that. Take it easy and enjoy the landscape, the view over the village of Fai, the Pale di San Martino, Lagorai, the Valle dell'Adige and on the Brenta Dolomites.

The route that we suggest is very pleasant and it is also possible to do it by mountain bike. Start from Passo Santel (1,033 m) and walk up along the untarmacked forest road next to the Church of St Libera; follow the fork to the right on path 603 towards Campedel.

The untarmacked road ends here but the route continues along a mule track climbing up for a final stretch that then becomes flat, and is generally covered by vegetation.

Along this path a junction on the left leads to Baita Campedel amid a grassy field.

Cross this field and follow the signs for the Fai Cross. Once you have reached it you will be able to enjoy amazing and unique views of the Valle dell'Adige, from Salorno to Trento, as well as the Paganella, Bondone and even the porphyry quarries of the Val di Cembra.

At the foot of the Cross there is the summit book where you can write about your day.

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