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In 1903, in the early days of Trentino mountaineering, Cesare Battisti and Riccardo Trenti reached the Roda of Spaloti peak: a vertical drop of nearly 2,000 m on a limestone rock face. Since then, this route has been called Canalone Battisti.

The Rifugio Cesare Battisti was completed in 1908 while the cave which was later dedicated to him was discovered in 1929.

Today you can get to the Canalone Battisti in different ways: for the less experienced we suggest going by chairlift to the top of Paganella and then following the path called Sentiero dell'Aquile. It's a path full of natural surprises, even though it's rather short.

In this way you will come to the panoramic viewing area of Canalone Battisti: with an exciting view of the Valle dell'Adige, which really does look like a perfect picture postcard.

For those who want something a bit more challenging, follow the Sentiero delle Aquile for Canalone Battisti passing the Arco di Tito, another remarkable panoramic viewing area; it is in fact a rock window from which you can admire the whole city of Trento.

From here you can easily get to the cave which also has a spring and is one of Paganella's most enchanting corners. On reaching Località Belvedere you will be at the start of the Sentiero delle Aquile, which was restored a few years ago and is fully equipped with a ferrata running along the ridge of Becco di Corno.

Descending it will be impossible not to notice the extraordinary view of Rotaliana and Lower Atesina, along a canal parallel to Canalone Battisti, as you leave behind the Vie Detassis and Maestri and head towards the Spaloti de Fai.

From here, after crossing the new Tibetan bridge made of steel ropes and suspended in the air, you climb back up to the Rifugio La Roda.

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