Cavedago's small church

Our Lady of Valle di Non

On a panoramic hill above the village of Cavedago, on a large raised clearing looking over the Non Valley (Valle di Non) and surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites, is the ancient church of St Thomas the Apostle. This small church, built on a strategic point, is located on an ancient Roman road which connected the Anaunia with the Giudicarie.

Located to the east and partly surrounded by the cemetery, the small church of St Thomas (previously dedicated to St Vigilio) draws tourists, drawn by its charm, its interesting architecture, but above all its strong relationship with the surrounding landscape.

The field next to the Pieve allows you to look out over the valley adorned with vineyards and apple trees. A landscape surrounded by silence that gives visitors a feeling of immense peace and beauty and leaves them speechless.

From here the view encompasses all of the Novella and includes the mountain chain Maddalene.

If you visit when the apple trees are in bloom, you will witness a truly amazing sight!

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