The Falesia Dimenticata or “Forgotten Crag”: a space created by everyone for everyone

The Falesia Dimenticata or “Forgotten Crag”: a space created by everyone for everyone
Thursday 25 May 2023

Soft green grass and natural springs of crystal clear water, catching the sun in the mornings and evenings, is the setting for the Falesia Dimenticata.

The Falesia Dimentica in brief:


Overlooking the Sarca River canyon, the Falesia Dimenticata stands in the foothills of the Brenta Dolomites alongside the ancient village of San Lorenzo Dorsino.

In the 1980s lots of young people learned to climb on this rock wall, remembering it well even after it was closed and stripped of equipment as a result of being on private property. Over time it was invaded by nature, but a nostalgia and desire to share this area again persisted, leading to its story starting once again.


After years of abandonment, the Dolomiti Open association bought the land, rebolted the historic routes, and created some new ones, all on the strength of donations collected through a crowdfunding campaign.

The crag is now open year round and is suitable for beginners and experts alike (grades up to 8a), an ideal venue to put yourself to the test and perfect your technique climbing on natural rock.


Local Alpine Guides are available to teach the basics or improve your technique. You can enjoy a picnic on the grass field at the base, buy local products from the vegetable garden of Mamma Patty at the little self-service kiosk, and at the Torcel bed and breakfast bar you can drink an aperitif in the tranquillity of nature.



Access to the area was designed to be inclusive, providing a space in which disabled climbers can safely try out rock climbing techniques.

The Falesia Dimenticata is a genuine project by everyone for everyone. The collaboration and contribution of all has been fundamental to bring this location back to life, not as individual property but in its natural vocation as collective heritage.


If you want to find out more about this theme, visit the Dolomiti Open association website, and you can support the project by donating to the new crowdfunding initiative to extend the crag.

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