Six ways to spend a weekend in Dolomiti Paganella this spring

Six ways to spend a weekend in Dolomiti Paganella this spring
Monday 6 March 2023

The days are growing longer, the sun is warmer every day, and nature is awaking from its slumber: spring is in the air!

If you are looking for ideas for a springtime break in Italy, here are 6 good reasons for coming to Dolomiti Paganella!


#1 With such clear blue water it already seems like summer

A turquoise gemstone set among the Dolomite mountains: it is no accident that Lago di Molveno has been nominated the most beautiful lake in Italy for seven years!

Our advice is to do as the locals do, and enjoy the lake during the quietest months, when you have the beach and footpaths all to yourself and it seems like a real earthly paradise.



The Parco del Respiro is dedicated to forest bathing, inside a wonderful beech wood.

Right outside the village centre of Fai della Paganella, with terraces providing a wide view over the Adige valley all the way to the eastern Dolomite peaks, the beech wood creates particularly charming light effects, with the finest forest scents, an awesome silence, and refreshingly clean air.

Along the easy paths of the Parco del Respiro you will find certain areas more suitable than others for trying this practice, like the Big European Spruce and the hammock under the beech trees. | If you would like to learn more about Forest Therapy, go to


#3 Back on the saddle

In our offices there are some who await the new Dolomiti Paganella Bike season like kids before Christmas, and with more than 400 km of tracks for two wheelers, it is easy to understand why!

This year the official opening of the bike season is scheduled for the last weekend in May with the Dolomiti Paganella Bike Opening, but in the Molveno Zone the first trails will already be open at Easter. | Get all the latest Dolomiti Paganella Bike news


#4 Spring hiking

Spring comes in slowly in Dolomiti Paganella, with its contrasting patchwork of melting snow, green meadows, and the first daisies beginning to flower.

It's an invigorating atmosphere that makes this the ideal season to get to know our area, and the best way to achieve this is on our low altitude walks among the lakes and forests. | Check them all out here.


#5 A visit to the Wildlife Park

After months of winter closure for the Park and hibernation for the animals, the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park is reopening its doors to visitors.

This is a great opportunity for children to see the most famous Alpine animals close up, and for adults to learn about the important research and conservation work conducted by the staff.


#6 Food and wine events on the Piana Rotaliana

The arrival of spring on the Piana Rotaliana is time for celebrating the local food and wine products. Be sure not to miss the experiences dedicated to Zambana asparagus and the local wines.

Also, on 25 April the Colline Avisiane once again form the backdrop for one of the most popular spring events: Di Maso in Maso, di Vino in Vino, a food and wine route along the traditional Strada del Vino, travelling on foot or by bicycle.

The route includes various stops at wine cellars and farms to taste wines, spumante, fruit juices, and local craft beers, combined with excellent rustic dishes and local products.

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