Via Ferrate Bocchette Centrali Estate DP 2020 ph Filippo Frizzera - WEB 8
Trekking Outdoor Contest 2021 Rifugio Agostini Dolomiti Estate DP ph Nicola Cagol 41
Alba Rifugio Pedrotti Dolomiti di Brenta Estate DP 2019 veronicaspanu 9
Trekking Croz Altissimo Estate DP 2018 ph Tommaso Pini 30
Trekking Val d ambiez -Val di Ceda Dolomiti Brenta estate DP 2021 ph Filippo Frizzera 12
Trekking Outdoor Contest 2021 Rifugio Agostini Dolomiti Estate DP ph Nicola Cagol 28
Guida Rifugio Pedrotti Estate DP 2018 ph Oliver Astrologo 2
Top Experience Trekking Geotrail Val d Ambiez Estate 2022 ph Filippo Frizzera 18
Alba Rifugio Pedrotti Dolomiti di Brenta Estate DP 2018 ph Filippo Frizzera

Get ready to discover another world

Ski mountaineering is a sport that allows you to move around in the mountains when there is snow using skis and climbing skins both uphill and downhill.

It is a way to live the magic of the Dolomites even in winter in an alternative way compared to the traditional compacted skiing trails. You will enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains, discover hidden corners of the area as you move far from the crowd: you'll be amazed to discover a new world.
It is a sport suitable for those who are fit and want to test themselves but without forgetting about safety. For this reason, ski mountaineering is prohibited when the downhill slopes are open.
Off-track ski mountaineering can be done only by experts who have checked the conditions and the viability of routes with the Alpine Guides.

The Activity Trentino Alpine Guides organize competitions and gatherings of fans of ski mountaineering excursions of varying difficulty (from 500 to 1200 m a.s.l.), which last a day or a weekend, ice waterfall climbing courses and excursions with snowshoes in the heart of Adamello Brenta National Park, as well as off piste, freeride, Ski Safari, avalanche Camp and mountain safety courses. It is possible to ski mountaineering even in the evening, check here the opening of the slopes.

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Contact Activity Trentino & Scuola Italiana Sci Dolomiti di Brenta.
via Paganella, 3/a - 38010 Andalo
Tel. +39 0461 585353

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