Ride in a snowcat to a mountain hut for a magical dinner

Dinner in a mountain hut is an experience to be enjoyed at least once during a holiday in the mountains. A lit fireplace, the warmth of simple but well-kept rooms and the flavors of the local cuisine will welcome you at the end of a day spent enjoying the great outdoors. A full moon or the stars shining on white snow will make for an even more magical atmosphere.

Simply call the mountain hut owner and get picked up by snowcat. Alternatively, put on some snowshoes: your appetite will be fully satisfied when you arrive at the top!

Here are some suggestions for your dinner in a mountain hut. Reservation is required.

Rifugio La Montanara – m 1525 tel. +39 0461 185 1538 – +39 348 7289560
Casina Bruniol – m 1200  tel. +39 349 1660147
Rifugio Meriz - m 1400 tel. +39 0461 1636378 - +39 347 8925725
Rifugio Dosson – m 1400 tel. +39 0461 1636246 - +39 366 4210827
Rifugio La Roda – m 2125 tel. +39 348 89 39 544 - +39 340 58 41 890
Rifugio Dosso Larici - m 1850  tel. +39 340 8631977 - +39 0461 583165

Service also offered by: Baita Pineta– m 1300  tel. +39 338 8477398

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