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Ancient rural village

The area

Spormaggiore is an ancient village 700 m above sea level. From here you can enjoy a picturesque and immense view of the landscape overlooking the Valle di Non. Quiet and suitable for couples and families while still being strategically close to Trento.
There are two churches next to each other in Spormaggiore. The oldest of the two has a painting of the Last Supper.

Come to Spormaggiore!

We will welcome you as if you are part of the family. In Spormaggiore hospitality has an important value: here you feel at home, helped by the traditional cuisine prepared with tasty and genuine food and local products that are grown with special attention and care.
Organic beekeeping and fruit farming are of the highest quality: don't leave without trying the honey!
You will feel pampered not only by the people but also by the accommodation and facilities available, which include comfortable hotels and apartments to rent as well as the sports facilities for tennis and football and much more.

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Spormaggiore is for you if ...

  • eating well is a priority: you can see apple orchards everywhere (the famous Val di Non apples are grown here) and then there's the traditional cuisine based on healthy and natural local ingredients
  • love the countryside: enjoy the tranquility of the fields that are just a few footsteps from the valley floor to experience nature as it once was and get carried away by the atmosphere
  • you've never seen a bear and would you like to see one! Go to the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park home to brown bears, as well as wolves, lynxes, wild cats, foxes and otters.

Interesting facts about Spormaggiore

Spormaggiore is linked to Castel Belfort, the medieval castle built in 1311 which dominates the whole valley: thanks to renovation work you can access the Castle Tower from which you can admire breathtaking views. In the Castle you can still sense an air of ancient mystery. Legend has it that this majestic ruin is still inhabited by the Lord of the castle's ghost who guards the treasure. To find out if the legend is true you have to visit Castel Belfort for yourself!

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Accommodation info

Do you need help finding your perfect accommodation? Send a request to the tourist facilities closest to your needs.


What to do and see in spormaggiore

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In the picturesque village of Maurina (Spormaggiore) you will find the magical Christmas markets!Christmas...

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