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Dominates the whole of the Val di Non: what a view!

The area

Cavedago is not only surrounded by endless forests and meadow, but its position offers a view of whole of the Val di Non beneath and the encompassing Brenta Dolomites. At 860 m above sea level, the town has just over 500 inhabitants. The town is unconventional as it is made up of different and characteristic farmsteads which are distributed over a vast area.
It is located near Andalo, Fai della Paganella and Molveno, and is centrally placed in the Adamello Brenta National Park. For this reason it is the ideal starting point for excursions, walks and trips of all kinds, from the easiest routes to suit everyone to the most difficult ones for climbers who want to test their technique and endurance.

Come to Cavedago!

Cavedago has a strong rural identity, characterized by a healthy and unpolluted environment. Today it is a small but growing tourist centre without having lost its authenticity.
Here you can enjoy cultural and traditional events as well as try different sports that, up until now, you've only dreamt of.
In winter try the nearby Ski Area Dolomiti Paganella to discover the most exciting slopes in our area.

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Cavedago is for you if ...

  • you want to be pampered: Cavedago has a strong tradition of hospitality and welcome, thanks to the simple and natural manners of the people who live here. Here you will feel at home!
  • You want to relax: Cavedago is a small and charming town, its pace will allow you to recharge your batteries and focus on your mental and physical well-being.
  • Love potatoes: here potatoes are cultivated on the mountains, giving them a unique flavour, you'll love them. Ask to taste the typical "tortel di patate" (potato pancakes), you'll be hooked. It's a very popular dish in Trentino, so much so that in 1998 in Sporminore the “Confraternita della torta e del tortel di patate” (The potato cake and pancake brotherhood) was founded. Tortel is always cooked to order, never pre-cooked, and is made of grated potatoes (Kennebec, a white potato), salt and oil. All the ingredients are mixed together and then browned in a pan and served, often with a side of cold cuts such as a variety of salumi, cheeses, Borlotti beans and white cabbage.

Interesting facts about Cavedago

Cavedago is a collective noun to indicate different farmsteads: Canton, Doss, Maset, Sass, one of the oldest that grew on the ancient road from Castel Rovina to Andalo and Mattè. The latter is the most central farmstead where the Church of San Lorenzo was built in 1849.
The farmstead Pozza (puddle) is named after the fact that the inhabitants went there to stock up on drinking water: you can still see the functioning well today.
The farmsteads Tomas, Zeni and Viola got their names from the person who founded them or from important people who lived in them.

Accommodation info

Do you need help in finding the perfect accommodation for your holiday in Trentino? Send a request to the tourist facilities closest to your needs.


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The Dolomites in real-time with real Dolomite weather. Webcam Paganella. To plan your excursions, skiing and other activities in the best possible way, check out our webcams which monitor the weather in the area for up-to-the-minute weather conditions. And have fun safely!


Discover how easy and convenient it is to reach Paganella!

You can arrive by car, train, bus or plane, thanks to our excellent location, and our closeness to the main roads that connect us to the major cities in Northern Italy and Austria, as well as to train stations and airports.

Check out all the transport options available and choose the best one for you.

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