Sci neve Paganella inverno DP 2018 ph Filippo Frizzera 3
Sci neve Paganella inverno DP 2018 ph Filippo Frizzera 7
Sci discesa Paganella inverno DP 2018 ph Filippo Frizzera
Impianti Sci Paganella inverno DP 2018 ph Filippo Frizzera
Impianti Doss Pela -Cima Paganella inverno DP 2016 ph Filippo Frizzera

It's time to set off for the slopes

Everything around you is white, it's your moment.
Skiing on our 50 km of slopes has something magical about it. The descent is liberating, the ascent by cable car is calm, stopping off in the alpine hut to find refreshment and enjoy an unmissable typical dish. The Paganella offers you a unique view as the whole of Trentino unfolds right before your eyes.
Winter here means sport, the sport you love, and nature, the one that you respect and admire.
You can purchase different types of ski passes to ensure you get the most out of your experience on the snow: hour long, daily or weekly tickets.

In addition to snow you will find ski schools where you can take classes and improve your down hill technique, blue runs for younger children, school camps for their first steps on skis, a Ski bus service to reach the ski slopes, and the many rental shops to provide you with the necessary equipment so you don't have to think about anything except having fun.
And remember: children under 14 must wear a helmet and children under a metre in height must be accompanied by an adult on the ski lifts.
The Paganella Ski area is perfect for experienced and novice skiers: so what are you waiting for?
Put on your skis and dive into the whiteness of our slopes.

skiarea map

ski lifts: 18

  • icon-impianti-cabinovia.svgCableways: 3
  • icon-impianti-seggiovia.svgChairlifts: 11
  • icon-impianti-cabinovia.svgTapis roulant: 4

tracks: 29

  • 3Very easy: 1330 m
  • 4Easy: 5400 m
  • 12Media: 21500 m
  • 1Difficult: 1200 m
  • 3other: 3000 m

Consorzio Skipass Paganella Dolomiti

Piazzale Paganella, 4 - ANDALO
Tel. 0461 585588
Fax. 0461 585324

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