Cima Canfedin is located at an altitude of 2,050 m on the Altopiano della Paganella in the Paganella-Gazza mountain chain. For excursions and to enjoy breathtaking views from this Peak, set off from either Molveno or Andalo. From here you will see the uniqueness of the imposing Dolomites which offer unrivalled views.

Excursions can be undertaken all winter long but with due care, especially if it has snowed heavily. This trail is well suited for snowshoeing.

Ascent from Andalo (departure at 1,050 m), the trail is more snow-clad than others, and begins from the Gaggia 2 ski lifts, crossing a short stretch of ski area and continuing along trail 610. Gaggia 2 can be reached from the forest road signposted for Malga Zambana or from the ski slopes which start from Località Laghet.

Ascent from Molveno (starting at 840 m) take the forest road signposted for "Doi Vie - Casina della Speranza". Continue along the road, ignoring the first junction on the right and the second one indicating trail 644 (Passo San Giovanni). A few metres further on, near a curve on the left, there is a third junction, continue to bear right. The road curves left and continues in a northerly direction. At the second bend there is a junction with trail 612 which starts on the right. Take this trail which takes you through a beautiful forest until the trees thin out to make way for a partial view of Lake Molveno and the surrounding peaks. On reaching Passo San Giovanni follow trail 602 which then meets the forest road going towards Malga Covelo. Veering off from there you can reach Rifugio Bait del Germano. Another way to reach the same Rifugio is by starting from Doss Pelà with the cable car that goes up from Andalo, keeping left and taking the forest road which has a slight slope.

From the Rifugio continue along the mule track signposted 602, leaving the forest road behind, which climbs again to the top of Monte Gazza to reach Passo di San Giacomo. With another 30 minutes of mild ascent from here you can reach Cima Canfedin.

For possible rest stops here, remember to get information about when Bait del Germano is open, as it's not open all year round!

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