Paradise in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites

Altopiano di Pradel is 1,367 m above sea level and 500 m above Lake Molveno. It is a wooded hillside amidst meadows and gentle slopes offering an unparalleled position in which to admire the magnificent views of Lake Molveno and the Brenta Dolomites.

If you love being close to nature don't miss out on going to Altopiano di Pradel!

Easy to reach on foot, it's just over an hour's walk from Molveno or Andalo, or you can opt to go by bike or if you prefer you can take the Molveno - Pradel cable car that leaves from the centre of Molveno and takes less than 5 minutes, or you can even go by car from Andalo.

The Altopiano di Pradel is one of the most frequented access ports for many and varied trekking trails.

Once you have seen the beauty of the landscape don't think it's over! The Forest Park, an adventure park with five routes with ropes, Tibetan bridges and nets, suitable for every age is right next to you.

Or you can take a ride to Malga Tovre and the educational farm, a natural and easy way to see animals such as cows, horses, chickens, geese, to see how they live and learn about them.

Don't forget to put the Altopiano di Pradel on your list of things to do: it's worth it!

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