How about a nice walk in the snow among the dense pine forests of the Adamello Brenta National Park, and then up to the wonderful natural terrace near the Rifugio La Montanara?

There are several ways you can reach these places, here are some of them.

Starting from Maso Ghezzi (Andalo, 1,040 m) go up towards Valbiole and then continue towards Pradel. Near Baita Pineta take trail 352 to reach Malga Tovre, a magnificent building surrounded by alpine pastures (in summer). Still continuing upwards for a few minutes you reach Rifugio La Montanara at 1,525 metres, where the views of the Brenta Dolomites and Lake Molveno will make your head spin!

Again starting from Andalo, from Piazza Dolomiti, go past the Piazzo Centrale (central square) towards Maso Cadin, then take Via Crosare on the left as far as the junction, where you will see signs for the Rifugio La Montanara. Follow the road towards Pradel through the forests and meadows as far as Valbiole. You can also start from Valbiole's carpark. Take the untarmacked road up to Baita Pineta, keeping to the right of the Baita and head towards an old ski slope that becomes increasingly more challenging. Before the last steep stretch turn left along a mule track that brings you to Malga Tovre. A little further on you arrive at La Montanara.

Starting from the upper area of Molveno, just after the cross on the side of the street, take the path towards Pradel. Along the way you reach the Baita degli Alpini. You can reach the Baita not just on foot but also by taking the ski lift from Molveno. You can reach Rifugio La Montana from Pradel either on foot or by chairlift. 

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