Tre Tre Slope

A historic trail in the silence of the forests

The 3Tre piste was created on the historic piste inaugurated by Rolly Marchi and on which Zeno Colò competed and won. Without invasive impacts on the environment and the territory, the track was restored to its old glory by the Paganella 2001 design and installation company and transformed into a magnificent trail between trees for skiers and snowshoe enthusiasts.

The trail is 3 to 4 m wide and is very quiet as it's nestled in the forests with views of the Brenta Group.

The piste and the ski lift connect Località Santèl di Fai della Paganella at 1,038 m to Selletta at 1,985 m, for almost 6 km and with a slope ranging from 16% to 47%.

From Selletta you can reach the Paganella peak or get off at Rifugio Dosso Larici to have a rest and a bite to eat.

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