The pyramid peak which looks in all directions

The Piz Galin peak overlooks Andalo. It is said that "to admire the beauty of the Piz Galin you must go to Andalo, but to admire the beauty of Andalo you need to climb the Piz Galin". The Piz Galin is 2,442 m high and is the easternmost peak of the Brenta Dolomites.

The ascent to Piz Galin is a winter ski mountaineering excursion with a medium to high level of difficulty and with a considerable altitude difference.

It starts from Valbiole's carpark (or from Maso Cadin, Andalo) and continues along the wide road leading to Rifugi di Pradel. After 300 m take the road sign for trail 352 on the right, following it into the conifer forest to the watering hole called Albi del Mont or Fontanella. You can also reach Rifugio Montanara from Fontanella by following the easy mule track.

From Albi del Mont, continue along trail 352, which rises with an average gradient and a gully, until you reach a flat section where there is the junction between the Croz Altissimo (on the left) and Piz Galin (on the right).

The track continues straight, passing the last few trees and remains to the right of a rocky top between Cima Lasteri and Piz Galin. It continues to climb up the steep slope in a wide valley until it reaches the western part of Piz Galin, this is the easiest because it is mainly pebbled and has steps, while the eastern slope to the north is made up of more impervious rock faces.

If you are climbing from Molveno you can use the ski lifts instead that bring you to Rifugio Montanara. At the beginning head towards Croz dell'Altissimo, then turn eastwards. From here go up until Bocchetta del Galin (at 2,130 m) and climb the northeasterly crest of Piz Galin.

From Piz Galin's pyramid peak you have a bird's eye view, from Andalo to Lake Molveno, right up to the Brenta Dolomites and the Non Valley.

At the top there is a big cross which can be seen from Andalo without a telescope when the weather is good.

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