From forests to peaks touching the sky

This trail is very varied, going from fields to forests from peaks to rock faces, showing the Brenta Dolomites in all their glory. It's settled, we're off!

From Piazza S. Lorenzo where the APT Office (Tourist Office) is, follow the S.S. (main road) n. 421 cross the Rio Forego bridge and take the path that is immediately on the left towards Maso Pozza and the Church of S. Tommaso (St Thomas).

Cross the S.S. (main road) n. 421 take the forest road that climbs towards Località Priori, turn left and follow directions for Malga Dagnola.

Follow the forest road until you come to a bend on the right with signs for trail 301 to Malga Spora. Malga Spora is 1,852 m high and located on a plain of the Altissimo Gallino Group and the Crosara di Fibion. Stop here for a break or a snack.

From there follow trail 344, proceed to Passo Clamer (2,165 m) where in the morning you can often see chamois, sometimes in large numbers.

Return to Cavedago: take trail 344 (taking particular care on the uneven path!) it's downhill and will take you to the Rifugio Croz dell'Altissimo.

Continue along trail 340 to reach the Altopiano di Pradel: taking the forest road you'll return to Località Valbiole and then to Andalo towards the sports centre, continue to Località Priori and here you are, back at Cavedago.

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